Located in the heart of Colorado, Omar's Gourmet is dedicated to producing healthy dog treats. A Colorado proud company, our products are all natural and locally sourced, made with love for the dog you love. We hope our products are able to be of service to you.


Omar is an energetic, fun loving, sweet, and adorable pit/lab mix. We discovered he has severe allergies to wheat, causing him to itch so bad he would chew off portions of his fur, so purchasing grain-free dog food and dog treats was necessary. However, many grain-free dog treats still contained unnecessary sugars and preservatives that no dog has a use for.
Our dog treats are simple, wheat-free, high-quality, and tasty. Being made with ingredients that you can read, they are not only healthy for your pup, but for you as well. While Omar is our official treat tester, we try one from every batch to ensure they meet the quality and standards we are looking for.
If they are good enough for us, they are good enough for your dog


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